How to Drive Safely in School Zones


With most of our children heading back to in-person school this fall, you should remind yourselves to take extra precautions when driving near school zones. Regardless of the time of the day, it is imperative to slow down, monitor your surroundings, and keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians when driving in these areas. 


If you are a parent who drops off your little ones at school or has to go through a school zone to get to the office, we highly recommend that you follow these tips to ensure everyone's safety: 

  1. Always stop for stopped school buses. It is very illegal to pass a school bus. If you notice a bus stopped and children are both getting on or off, make sure you come to a stop and patiently remain where you are. 
  2. Do not block a crosswalk. Make sure to stay behind the marked white lines on the road, just if pedestrians are trying to get by. When vehicles sit on the crosswalk, children often have to go around the car, causing them to be in the path of traffic. 
  3. Yield to pedestrians. This rule goes without saying, but it's the law. 
  4. Be attentive and respectful to the crossing guard. Occasionally, you may see crossing guards at intersections where children are most at risk. A crossing guard is tasked to protect children in school zones.  
  5. Limit your speed. You would be surprised to learn that many drivers don't slow down in school zones. To be on the safer side, always assume children are present during the school season and slow down! 

If you have to drive through school zones on an everyday basis, you need to be mindful of the tips above. Lastly, you should always make sure you are operating a safe vehicle. To maximize safety for every party, you should ensure each component of your car, from your lights to your brakes, is working correctly. Feel free to give us a call or come by Old School Automotive for all your automotive maintenance and repair needs!