Should I Take My Car to a Professional for a Lift Kit Installation?

Lift kits are a convenient way to enhance the look of your vehicle. Lift kits increase the height of your SUV or truck, but they offer a wide range of benefits as well, including:

  • Increases clearance
  • Enables you to drive through rougher terrain
  • Provides you a smoother ride
  • Gives you better visibility of the road and other smaller cars
  • Makes towing a simpler process

Most of these kits will raise a vehicle by 1-3 inches using spacers between the body and frame. Another method to boost your truck is suspension lift kits, and these can go beyond 3 inches.

If you're considering lifting your vehicle, here are some things to consider and how to go about the installation.

Go to a Professional for Installation

A lift kit will ultimately change your driving with night and day differences. You should know that the ride, the steering, and the handling will all change. That is why if you improperly install a lift kit at home, you can damage the suspension, the frame, or the body, leading to extensive repairs. That's why we recommend taking your vehicle to Old School Automotive for this kind of complex job. We can do the job precisely and keep your vehicle's specs in mind. 

Choosing the Perfect Height

As mentioned earlier, lift kits are ideal for off-roading because you get more clearance. The higher you want to lift your vehicle, the more expensive the service will be because of the additional time and labor.

You should pick a height that best suits your everyday needs. 


If you want to have your vehicle lifted, please get in touch with the professional team at Old School Automotive in West Columbia, SC! We can give you our recommendations and make it right for you from start to finish.